Visual Music in Space.

Visual Music in Space is a multimedia installation extending the perception of a video by mirroring it physically.


Similar Contexts are perceived individually by multiple recipients and that is what the variable angles and mirroring in the installation try to implement. Therefore the installation invites the viewer to take various points of view in order to discover the same audiovisual piece differently every time.


The installation Visual Music in Space covers a wall. Spread across it, transparent acrylic glas cubes reach into the space. Some cubes are grouped together, others are isolated outside the usual perspective in corners or high up close to the ceiling. The mirroring in the sides of the rectangular prisms generates kaleidoscopic repetitions. While a single wolf gets multiplied by this analog effect into a whole pack of wolfs, a pier is extended into infinity and expresses the enormous vastness of the landscape.


The video "The Sound of Impressions" catches the mood of our trip to Finland where we shot our footage.







Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, Germany

Graduation Project B.A.

Concept, 3D modelling, filming, edit, compositing

Professor Christian Mahler, Gabriel Shalom

Annika Bauer, Niko Messerli

"The Arms of Spirits" by VUK

The Sound of Impressions (Making of)

© provography