The Chemicals between Us.

Between the federal palace, museums and the main train station one can find the sandstone façade of a building which is typical for the Bernese old city center. This façade was set alive for one night. Behind the lit wall, people from more than 30 nations are working together on a daily basis. In this diversity of cultural backgrounds communication is the key for good team work - and as language is not always universal enough - nonverbal communication is.


These gestures were brought onto the façade in order to tell abstract interpersonal short stories. A single hand starts touching and exploring its way through the new space. As other hands join in, the hands begin to discover each other and first relationships start to build. That's  when the subconscious decision is made wether it's affection or rejection. Only through dialog upcoming conflicts can be solved and real collaboration can prosper.









Burger King Restaurant Bern

Façade projection

Illustrator, Photoshop, C4D, After Effects & MadMapper

Concept, screenplay, 3D, filming, compositing, implementation

Annika Bauer

"Hang" by Wetdream

© provography