#2019 -modular stage setting concept.

#2019 is a concept we developed for our "Media and Space" class. The idea is to have modular stage elements which can be adapted to all kinds of theatrical pieces and stage performances. As there aren't any major move-arounds necessary, it's mainly the digital input for the projection mapped scenery which has to be adapted.

The single elements ought to be light enough in order to be easily moved for example by the actors during the performance.


We built a model out of cardboard (black boxes with a matte white front) to test and demonstrate our concept. To map the projection onto the model we used the software Isadora.











Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, Germany

Media and Space

An utopian dream for Berlin in 2019

Professor Claudia Rohrmoser

Annika Bauer, Niko Messerli

"Guitar Slang" by Veranda Panda

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